rescue breaths.

We were sitting in the cafe, two chairs turned towards each as we talked about Jesus, grace, and her. Our voices quieted down into hushed tones as we leaned in closer, talking about our stories and the redeeming power of grace.

She paused, asking if I had read Isaiah 61 and when I couldn’t remember if I had or not, she did something I least expected. Instead of telling me to read it later, she pulled out her phone (yay for technology) and found the translation she was looking for and she began to speak life over me.

Verse by verse, she read to me and showed me how it applied to my life. She read each verse slowly, letting the words sink into my soul as tears started to form in my eyes. She spoke with conviction and power, breathing hope infused words into my gasping heart. People in my life have been quick to offer well-intentioned scripture passages for me to read, but no one has taken the time to read them over me and breathe my story into their words.

And it’s in moments like these when the doubt and fear I have over moving here and starting over quiet down, and I know. I’m exactly where I need to be. Living by the ocean as it sings a song of healing to me.

One thought on “rescue breaths.

  1. pourcettetemps

    `she began to speak life over me` – isn`t that what we need. Breathe of truth and life…the WORD spoken in blessing and assurance over our lives and into our bare and hurting places. What a beautiful blessing for you to be given a friend like that. And I`m so glad that you find the ocean to be a place of healing…I can`t get enough fo the power and presence of the water and ocean.


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