Monthly Archives: November 2013

wisdom cards

This week in our story101 call, we made wisdom cards.  We took three sheets of paper and wrote down a question on the back of each.  One question to our inner artist, one to our inner monk, and one to both of them.  We then turned  them question side down, mixed the pages, and started to create.  With no agenda in mind (I even forgot what my three questions were), we started to create on top of the pages.  After the activity was over we turned over our completed pages to see which questions we had “answered” with our art.  Here are mine:


1. What do I do with my writing?

photo 1


2. What does god look like?

photo 2

3. Where is my peace?

photo 3


Oh November

It seems that I am going to be busy this month.  I have signed up for NaNoWriMo which means I have one month to write 50,000 words.  I am both excited and terrified. 


I also am going to join in the 30 thankful day challenge.  Each day, I’ll write down five things I’m thankful for and post them once a week.  The selfish part of me is doing this because it will be a great help in keeping this blog going while I try to write my novel and when things get rough, it will be helpful to look at what I’m grateful for.  I’ll post once a week with all of my thankfulness.