One word 2014

It’s my fourth year of having a word for the year instead of having a New Years resolution and around November, I was excited for my word to start. You see, I had chosen a word that sounded good- it would be slightly challenging but over all, it wouldn’t be devastatingly hard. I was trying to take the easy way out. But there was more in store for me, when I read a simple word and my heart skipped a beat and my breath caught in my throat. And I knew. This was it. There was no hiding behind prettier or easier words and there was no sugar coating how much I pouted, my word had chosen me.


There are so many layers to being naked, to being bare and honest and vulnerable. To seeing myself for who I really am, unashamed and not hidden. For so long, I have hidden behind things: clothes, books, hair, people, masks. But this year, 2014, is the year for the unveiling. The removal of shame and fear. The removal of all this extra that takes away from who I really am. It’s about the cultivating, the nourishing of friendships who love me because I am me. Unconditional love.

I have several goals in mind for this year, some that will hopefully be shared with others and a few that will stay with me, but all of them will help me bare my naked soul and become free.

So this is the year of nakedness. Of revealing and removing. A year of acceptance and grace.


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